Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Why Should You Use Them?

If every household in the U.S. replaced one light bulb with an ENERGY STAR® qualified compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL), it would prevent enough pollution to equal removing one million cars from the road. CFLs use 66-75% less energy while lasting 10-16 times longer than typical incandescent bulbs. They provide the same amount of light (lumens) as standard bulbs and have excellent color rendering, because the new phosphors make surroundings look natural and pleasing.

By replacing a 100-watt incandescent with a 32-watt CFL you can save at least $30 in energy costs over the life of the bulb (typically 5-7 years). The bulbs operate at less than 100°F, and they are safer than typical halogen bulbs, which burn at 1,000°F. Due to their high heat output, halogens can cause burns and fires. CFLs are cool to the touch.

These light bulbs are built following guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to give the assurance of bright, warm, long-lasting lighting. ENERGY STAR® qualified lighting fixtures also meet strict EPA criteria for efficacy (lumens per Watt), color rendition, and color temperature. Fixtures that have earned the ENERGY STAR® are also flicker free, emit no hum, start instantly, and come with a two-year warranty, which is double the industry standard.

Where Can You Find Them?

These fixtures can be found at most home centers, lighting showrooms, and specialty stores. Look for qualified fixtures for the following applications: torchieres, under and over cabinets in the kitchen, ceiling-mounted, wall sconces, suspended fixtures and outdoor lighting, including motion sensor fixtures. If you are unfamiliar with the best CFL wattage to use for your lighting needs, always refer to the lumen, or light output on the product packaging as your guide. For example, most 60-watt incandescent lights provide around 800 lumens, so look for ENERGY STAR® qualified CFLs that provide 800 lumens or more.

  • Local hardware stores (Menards, Lowes, Ace, Home Depot)
  • Emmett-Scharf Electric Co.
    1005 E. Lafayette St, Bloomington
  • Springfield Electric Supply Co.
    902 Four Seasons Rd, Bloomington

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