Plastic Bag Recycling

Many people are familiar with the world-wide plastic grocery bag problem. While there are environmental advantages to moving from paper to plastic, plastic bags are not accepted in McLean County residneital recycling programs and generally speaking any single-use or disposal items are not considered to be environmentally friendly.

If you are being crushed under a mountain of bags, or just want to minimize waste and help the environment you can:

  • Buy a reusable Ecology Action Center shopping bag.
  • Recycle plastic grocery bags at Wal-Mart, Jewel-Osco, Schnucks, and other grocery stores in receptacles usually locatead inside the store at the front. These location may also take your newspaper sleeves and dry cleaning bags!
  • Reuse plastic grocery bags for dirty jobs, trash can liners, etc.

EAC Tote ChicoBag_sm

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