Solid Waste Planning and Management

Through an intergovernmental agreement, the Ecology Action Center acts as the Solid Waste Agency for McLean County, the City of Bloomington, and the Town of Normal, funded through the McLean County Solid Waste Fund.  Services provided included education and outreach, solid waste planning, administration of nontraditional recycling programs, coordination of household hazardous waste collection, and technical services such as annual calculation of community wide waste generation and recycling rates.

Through the McLean County Solid Waste Program, the EAC seeks to help local residents and businesses reduce waste, increase recycling, and properly dispose of hazardous wastes. One measure of progress towards these goals is the annual recycling rate.  The current goal is 40% of all solid waste generated; our community is making significant progress towards this target and will likely meet the goal in the near future.

1998-2012 McLean County Waste Generation and Recycling Rates (pdf)

McLean County Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan 2012 Update (pdf)

Proposed 2017 Twenty-Year Materials Recovery and Resource Conservation Plan for McLean County, City of Bloomington, and Town of Normal (pdf)


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