Climate Ride Death Valley

CR_logoIn 2016 three “firsts” of note occurred:

  • The level of carbon emissions reached a new threshold, never dropping below 400ppm at any time over the course of the year; this is the first time this has ever happened during the human existence.
  • Average global temperatures broke new records.
  • The first American climate refugees began their resettlement from Isle De Jean Charles, Louisiana to higher ground.

The impacts of climate change are just beginning and much needs to be done to address the issue.

The Ecology Action Center is working to do its part, educating local residents on ways to reduce one’s footprint.  But additionally, EAC is working to quantify our local greenhouse gas emissions and work on community-wide strategies to reduce those emissions.  But these efforts take time and financial resources to bring them to fruition.

You can help by supporting local cyclists Kevin Loseke and Michael Brown as they bicycle 250 miles across Death Valley in February 2017 as part of Climate Ride to raise awareness of climate change and raise funds for the Ecology Action Center.  Climate Ride is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that organizes life-changing charitable events to raise awareness and support sustainability, active transportation, and environmental causes. Climate Ride events support a collection of beneficiary organizations including the Ecology Action Center and Illinois Green Economy Network that are working to engage citizens in the possibility of a green economy, educate the public about the interconnected web of environmental issues related to the climate crisis, mobilize government and businesses to enact sound energy policies that promote renewables, and raise the profile of green transportation.

Please support the EAC’s climate efforts through a tax-deductible contribution to Climate Ride.   Proceeds from both Kevin and Michael’s efforts support air quality programs at the Ecology Action Center.

NOTE: If you are interested in riding and representing the EAC in this or other upcoming Climate Ride events, please contact Michael Brown at

A special thank you to Path Performance for training services provided in preparation for Climate Ride!  If you are looking to improve your athletic or professional performance, consider Path Performance.