Volunteering and Internships

Thank you for your interest in helping the EAC with our efforts to improve our local environment.  Please use the form below to apply to be a volunteer with the EAC.  Note: submission of an application does not guarantee placement as a regular volunteer.  EAC volunteer needs are irregular and intermittent. 

If you are looking for a more intensive experience and more regular schedule with the Ecology Action Center, please consider applying for an internship.  To do so, please send your resume and a cover letter indicating your interest, what you are looking to get out of an internship, and what you have to offer, to Executive Director Michael Brown at [email protected]  Please plan ahead–apply at least three months before the beginning of the semester during which you would ideally like to intern.  Internships are competitive – normally only 1-2 interns are selected for any given semester.

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