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Free (While adding money to your pocket!)

  • Activate power management settings by placing your inactive monitors into a low-power sleep mode (can save up to $55 per monitor annually).
  • Activate power management settings by placing inactive computers into a low-power sleep mode, which can save up to an additional $45 per computer annually.
  • Keep monitors, printers, computers, etc. plugged into a power strip. After everything is shut down, turn off the power strip when finished for the day.
  • Reuse the second side of paper in printers, if appropriate, and email coworkers instead of using paper memos.
  • Clean dusty diffusers and lamps every 6-12 months for improved lumen output.
  • Close shades or blinds during early morning and late evening to reduce heat from the sun.
  • Preheat cooking equipment no higher or longer than is recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Use cooking equipment to capacity, and turn off backup stoves or fryers during low production periods.
  • Filter fryer oil at least once a day to extend the oil life.
  • Don’t overload fryer baskets beyond the recommended capacity.
  • Turn ovens off or down when not using them.

Under $100 (Things that pay for themselves in less than 2 years)

  • Install motion detectors for lights in infrequently used areas.
  • Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lighting.
  • Use reflectors to increase fluorescent lighting output.
  • Rewire restrooms fans to operate with the lights.
  • Install time clocks or setback-programmable thermostats to maximize HVAC efficiency.
  • Install locking covers on the thermostats to prevent employees from changing the temperatures.
  • Perform regular maintenance on units including cleaning condenser coils, checking ducts and pipe insulation for damage.
  • Install ceiling fans to reduce overall room temperature.
  • Add reflective window film, blinds, or solar screens to windows to cool the building.
  • Install an air conditioning economizer to bring in outside air when cool.
  • Perform scheduled maintenance on refrigeration units.
  • Replace worn fridge gaskets and adjust door latches.
  • Make sure that oven doors fit tightly. Replace gaskets that are not in good condition.
  • Disconnect anti-condensate heaters.
  • Install auto door closers and strip curtains on walk-in freezers or coolers.
  • Replace broilers with grooved or smooth griddles to significantly reduce associated energy consumption.

Over $100 (Measures that pay for themselves in 3 to 15 years)

  • When appropriate, use laptops, which consume 90% less energy than desktops.
  • If possible, use ink-jet printers, which use 90% less energy than laser printers.
  • Use appropriately-sized copiers for the size of your company. Purchase an ENERGY STAR® copier that automatically powers down when not in use.
  • If your refrigerator is used minimally, consider replacing it with a smaller one.
  • Install ceiling and wall insulation.
  • Insulate water heaters and supply pipes.
  • Purchase insulated cooking equipment when possible.

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