Energy efficiency means using less energy to do the same thing. Sometimes energy conservation requires changing your behavior, or finding methods that do not use or waste energy. Sometimes energy savings can be accomplished with technological advances that do not deprive us of our creature comforts, and actually improve our quality of life. One example is installing compact fluorescent light bulbs that use one-fourth the energy of a regular incandescent bulb, yet provide full-spectrum light to get rid of those winter blues. Other examples include installing an energy-efficient furnace and adding weatherization to retain heat, which can make building occupants more comfortable.


Why is it important to practice energy-efficiency in our community? By using less energy, we reduce air and water pollution, save resources for future energy needs, and save energy dollars that can be reinvested in our community to improve the local economy.

We have provided a few things you can do to lower your monthly energy costs in the linked pages to the left.

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