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Educational programming for the public

  • Any educational programs that are open to the public will be held in ADA accessible locations
  • The Ecology Action Center invites participants in need of additional accommodations to please request two weeks in advance the accommodations needed to allow their participation. Brochures, registration forms, press releases, and posters announcing the event or program will include the following statement advising individuals how to request an accommodation:
    • If requesting reasonable accommodation, please contact the Ecology Action Center  at least 2 weeks prior to the event at 309-454-3169 x.11 or [email protected]. If requests are received after this date, we may not have sufficient time to make the necessary arrangements.

Electronic content accessibility

  • Video captioning for webinars and video educational materials
  • Alternative text for website visual elements
  • PDF or Word documents for those with vision impairments
  • Formatting documents for screen reader accessibility

Note: visual element alternative text and other website accommodation are all incomplete and in-progress on an ongoing basis.  If content you need is not yet accessible, please email [email protected] and we will prioritize the content you need.

Program participants who believe they were subjected to discrimination and elect to seek redress for discrimination must initiate the complaint process within 60 days of the alleged discriminatory event.  Please consult the EAC Grievance Procedure for details.