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Board of Directors

The Ecology Action Center Board of Directors is composed of members and ex-officio representatives from the City of Bloomington, the Town of Normal and the McLean County Board. The board is responsible for formulating and overseeing the policy and direction for the organization, assisting in leadership and promotion of the Ecology Action Center so as to support the organization’s mission and needs.

2024 Board of Directors

Jay Ivers—President
Laurie Wollrab—Vice President
Mike O’Grady—Past President and Ex-officio McLean County
Nancy Armstrong—Treasurer
Charles Bristow—Secretary
Jason Comfort—Ex-officio Normal
Mose Rickey—Ex-officio Bloomington
Carl Teichman
Myra Gordon
Kari Sandhaas
Joan Brehm
Steve Kowalski
Vince Allen
Elisabeth Reed
Ben Ryburn
George Gordon
Wayne Aldrich
Goverdhan Galpalli
Hannah Eisner
Kevin Callis