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West Bloomington Free Tree Program

Tree Corps logo with tree and leaf image and tree-corps.org url

As part of the Tree Corps initiative to plant 10,000 trees a year in McLean County, the Ecology Action Center is providing free native tree saplings to income-qualifying residents of West Bloomington.

Residents that reside in West Bloomington and are interested in having a free tree planted in their yard can fill out a tree request form, call 309-454-3169 x11 or email [email protected].

Income Eligibility Thresholds:

  • Household of 1 – $61,800
  • Household of 2 – $70,600
  • Household of 3 – $79,450
  • Household of 4 – $88,250
  • Household of 5 – $95,350
  • Household of 6-$102,400
  • Household of 7-$109,450
  • Household of 8-$116,500

Planting more trees in our community improves the air that we breathe, provide cooling shade, pollinator habitat, and more.

The Tree Corps is a tree planting initiative created in 2021 by the Ecology Action Center with a goal to plant at least 10,000 trees annually in Bloomington-Normal and McLean County. Tree Corps aims to:

  • improve air quality
  • sequester carbon emissions
  • increase wildlife habitat, and
  • reduce stormwater runoff.

Tree Corps prioritizes Tree Equity for environmental justice areas where tree canopy and therefore tree benefits are significantly less than other areas of our community.

Free Tree Request Form