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Business Recycling

Not all recycling and waste collection facilities will collect materials from businesses, making it difficult to find available options. The Ecology Action Center has compiled a list of locations that will collect a wide range of materials from businesses for different pick-up, drop-off, as well as mail-in options. Additionally, below is a collection of materials for businesses to learn about how to reduce their waste production.


Waste Reduction and Recycling Information

An effective waste-reduction program can help your business or institution:

  • Avoid the high costs that arise from waste disposal
  • Lower net operating costs
  • Build an environmentally-conscious reputation

Waste Reduction Guides

These comprehensive guides are designed to provide current information that allows for the evaluation and establishment of waste reduction programs. They provide overviews of the importance of waste reduction in the workplace, in addition to outlining steps to plan a waste reduction program that suits the specific needs of your business. After your program is in place, these guides offer suggestions about how to educate your staff and promote the program to provide for maximum efficiency.

Workplace Recycling Toolkitopens PDF file

EPA Solid Waste Reduction Guideopens PDF file

Wake County’s Waste Reduction Guide for Businessesopens PDF file

Recycling Guides and Waste Reduction Tips

Green Office Guideopens PDF file

Pick Up America Tool-kits

Waste Reduction Success Stories

See the types of companies that are already making the switch to producing less waste.

Journey to Zero Waste

Kraft Achieves Zero Waste in 36 Plants