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Tree Teams

To meet the need for both donations and volunteer labor for planting, the EAC is challenging church congregations, community groups, workplace groups, families, and any other interested group of people to support planting 100 trees by forming a Tree Corps Team.

Each Team can get started by making their pledge towards 100 trees (or more!).  At $5 per tree (which covers the cost of both a tree and related supplies and expenses) the recommended minimum group pledge is $500. Tree Teams can raise money towards their pledge amount within their groups, through family or friends, or by any other legal means (see how to create a donation page below).

Tree Teams can also support the Tree Corps effort by recruiting a few volunteers to help with spring planting workdays (if possible, given that planting workdays will be weather dependent).

Getting Started with a Tree Team

Tree Team Captains should sign up as a Fundraiser on the EAC website and then use the “Team” tab to create a Tree Team–don’t forget to designate a Team name that represents your group. Share the provided “Team Page URL” to invite other team members to join.

Be sure to set a Team goal–we recommend a minimum of $500 (100 trees) and working in increments of $500 if you wish to challenge your group to provide for even more trees.  Your progress towards this goal will be visible on your Team page and help motivate others to donate so you can reach your goal.  You can further customize your Team page in order to provide details of why your group values trees in our community.  Once you have it ready, share your “Team Page URL” via your networks of friends and coworkers to encourage them to donate to help us all collectively plant more trees to reach our 10,000 tree goal this year!  Note: Tree Teams are encouraged to reach your fundraising goal by the end of May 2023.  Earlier is better as it gives us a better knowledge of how many trees we can afford for this season.

EAC staff will coordinate planting workdays; understanding that individuals have other commitments and limited flexibility.  Tree Teams are encouraged to volunteer for planting but it is not required.