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Electronics Recycling

Website, address, phoneItems Accepted
Kuuskoski Recycling

2022 W Townline Rd
Peoria, IL 61615
(630) 691-5015

  • computers, computer parts, keyboards, laptops

  • printers, toner cartridges, scanners, fax machines

  • networking equipment

  • tvs, monitors

  • food sealing equipment, fryers, mixers

  • eCycle Solutions

    283 Rustic Rd
    North York, ON M6L 1W3

  • bulk electronic pick up

  • laptop and desktop computers

  • printers, copiers and fax machines

  • toner and ink cartridges

  • cellphones and tablets

  • power supplies
  • Office Depot

    1700 W. College Ave
    Normal, IL 61701

  • Tech Box Recycling Program for electronics. Small, medium or large size box for purchase. Fill with electronics and drop off at the store
  • Advanced Technology Recycling

    902 N Hazel St
    Pontiac, IL 61764

  • Computers, laptops, servers, tablets, printers, copiers, fax machines, monitors, TVs, keyboards, speakers, mice and peripherals

  • Network equipment, audio visual equipment, security sytems

  • Telephones, cellphones

  • Battteries- NiCad, NiMH, LiION, Lead Acid
  • Mervis Recycling

    3008 N. Cunningham Ave.
    Urbana, IL 61802,

  • Aluminum, copper, brass, steel, scrap metal

  • Vehicles

  • Cardboard

  • Electronics, no microwaves, TVs, or computer monitors
  • GreenDisk


  • Media: CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, DVDs, Blu-ray, 3.5” and 5.25” floppy disks, zip and jazz disks, and cases

  • Tapes: VHS, audio cassette tapes, DAT, DLT, Beta, and Digibeta

  • Computer drives: Hard drives, zip, jazz, floppy, CD-ROM, DVD drives, and jump drives

  • Communication devices: Cell phones, pagers, PDAs and their chargers, cradles, and headset accessories

  • Batteries: Rechargeable batteries and chargers only – no alkaline batteries.

  • Small electronics: MP3 players, iPods, hand-held CD and cassette players, and digital cameras

  • Ink: Inkjet and toner cartridges (must be in a sealed bag to prevent spilling)

  • Film: Black and white film only, no color film

  • Miscellaneous items: UPS units, AC chargers, keyboards, mice, modems, routers, headphones, cords, adapters, cables, boards, and chips