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Workshop Offerings

Every year the Ecology Action Center offers workshops for building your own rain barrels and compost bins. These workshops take place during the summer and fall seasons. These workshops take no more than two hours and offer everyone the chance to gain the benefits of having a rain barrel and/or compost bin without the expensive cost. For more information about workshops or questions call (309) 454-3169, or contact us via email.  Scheduled rain barrel and composting workshops are always listed on the BN Green Events Calendar. Or to be in the loop when new workshops are scheduled, please sign up for the EAC Action News email newsletter. 

Rain Barrel Workshops 

Three people constructing a rain barrel

Rain barrels are an excellent way to keep yard pollutants out of our water system, and are good for saving money on utility bills. By building your own rain barrel you can save money, become economically friendly, and watch all the extra water add up to your benefit rather than go down the storm drain. For a small fee (around three times less than an already-made rain barrel) we provide you with the tools and show you how to build your very own rain barrel.

Current Rain Barrel Workshop Offerings: 

Composting Workshops 

A blue compost bin made from a repurposed 55-gallon drum

Backyard compost bins are an excellent way to reduce the need for chemical fertilizers, lower your carbon footprint, and divert food waste from ending up in landfills. Some opt to buy a commercially made compost bin while others make their own from scratch. At backyard composting workshops participants get backyard composting best practices information and a compost bin from a repurposed 55-gallon drum to take home for a small fee. Composting is a great way to enrich your soil by retaining moisture while also decreasing plant diseases and pests. Making your own compost also helps you save money on fertilizers and helps to reduce methane emissions.

Current Compost Workshop Offerings: