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TerraCycle’s purpose is to eliminate the idea of waste by creating national recycling systems for previously non-recyclable or hard-to-recycle waste. Anyone can sign up for these programs, called the Brigades, and start sending them waste materials.

TerraCycle then converts the collected waste into a wide variety of products and materials. With more than 20 million people collecting waste in 14 countries, TerraCycle has diverted billions of units of waste and used them to create over 1,500 different products available at major retailers ranging from Walmart to Whole Foods Market.

Their goal is to eliminate the idea of waste by creating collection and solution systems for anything that today must be sent to a landfill.


St. Luke Union Church   (collection is in the garage area in back – collection containers are labeled)
2101 E Washington St —–(corner of Regency Drive and Washington St)
Bloomington, IL 61701
TerraCycle contact: Amie Keeton  akeeton@scbloomington.com

 Boys and Girls Club   (drop at counter)
1615 W. Illinois St.
Bloomington, IL 61701
TerraCycle contact: Melanie Ziomek  blonoterracycle@yahoo.com

Common Ground Grocery   (drop at counter)
516 N Main St
Bloomington, IL 61701
TerraCycle contact:  Janet Guaderrama jguader@gmail.com

Please contact Melanie Ziomek with any questions at blonoterracycle@yahoo.com.


  • Baby Food Pouch Brigade: Accepts all baby and toddler food plastic pouches and caps (such as Go-Go Squeeze, Ella’s, Earth’s Best, etc.). Please leave cap on to reduce smell.
  • Brita® or PUR Brigade®: Accepts all brands of pitchers, individual filtration bottles, filters, foil filter packaging, and faucet filtration systems.
  • Cereal Bag Brigade: Accepts any brand heavy plastic cereal bags and any plastic cereal bag liners from inside of cereal boxes. (Cardboard cereal boxes go in regular city recycling).
  • Chip and Snacking Bag Brigade:  Accepts any size chip or snacking bags (such as from potato or corn chips, pretzels, foil lined snack crackers packages, etc.) and the heavy plastic outer bags from multi-packs.
  • Contact Lens Brigade: Accepts all brands of contact lenses, plus foil and blister packaging.
  • Dental and Deodorant Brigade: Accepts all brands toothpaste tubes and caps, toothbrushes, floss containers, mouthwash bottles and caps, plastic deodorant containers and caps; also, plastic soap wrappers from multi-packs.  Please note: This brigade does not accept aerosol deodorant cans which go in regular city recycling.
  • Entenmann’s Little Bites Pouches Brigade: Accepts only Entenmann’s brand Little Bites plastic pouches.
  • Granola Bag (Bear Naked Granola) Brigade:  Accepts Bear Naked brand Granola bags, and Bear Naked brand Granola Bites bags.
  • Granola Bar and Protein Bar Wrapper Brigade: Accepts foil-lined only: such as energy bar, granola bar, meal replacement bar, and protein bar wrappers; and foil lined powdered drink tubes.
  • Personal Care & Beauty Brigade: Accepts any emptied personal care or beauty product plastic containers including, but not limited to lipstick tubes, shampoo/conditioner/hairspray bottles, powder cases, plastic deodorant items, any type of lotion tubes and bottles, etc., plastic razors, nasal spray bottles. NOTE: Nail polish bottles of any kind and aerosol cans are NOT accepted. Hairspray & deodorant aerosol cans go in regular city recycling. For all donations, please empty any contents as much as possible before donating to decrease shipping weight.
  • Plastic Cup Brigade: Accepts ONLY #6 rigid plastic cups – empty, rinse and let dry before donating.

Additional items collected:

  • Markers: We accept any brand, any size coloring/highlighting markers. (Sponsored by Crayola – not a part of the TerraCycle brigades).
  • MISC for Lion’s Club: Cell phones; Christmas light strands (LED plastic twinkle lights); home computer printer cartridges; eyeglasses; hearing aids; keys.
  • Cigarette Waste: NO DROP OFFPLEASE CONTACT MELANIE (blonoterracycle@yahoo.com) FOR MORE INSTRUCTIONS. Accepts cold extinguished cigarettes, cigarette filters, loose tobacco pouches, outer plastic packaging, inner foil packaging, rolling paper and ash. Please store in zip-sealed bags to reduce smell.
  • Corks, Foil and Wire wrap: From top of wine bottles only

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