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Latex Paint Disposal

Latex paint is a non-hazardous material and accordingly, is not accepted at McLean County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events.   Residents can legally and safely put latex paint in the trash once it is completely dried out.  The most effective means of doing so is to pour it out in thin layers on a disposable material, such as old newspapers or cardboard.  Allow each layer to dry completely and repeat the process until you have dried all of your latex paint.  Then roll up the newspaper and rubbery paint, and throw it in the trash.

Please note, this is only acceptable for latex paints; oil paints are always hazardous and need to be disposed of through a hazardous waste collection facility or collection event.

For paints or other materials in usable condition and reasonable quantities, you can often find someone willing to take and use your old paint by using McLean County Freecycle, Facebook Marketplace, or the Nextdoor app.