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Illinois Sustainable Living and Wellness Expo & MEGA Recycling

Explore Living Well & Living Green in Central Illinois at the Illinois Sustainable Living and Wellness Expo on Saturday, April 7 at the IWU Shirk Center.  Interact with up to 100 exhibitors and learn about the important work they do in our community. Enjoy live music, check out the electric vehicle showcase, have a delicious lunch from one of three food trucks (The Dinner Bell, Healthy in a Hurry, and Oogie’s Food on Wheels), watch some cooking demonstrations, sit in on a WGLT panel discussion about new industrial wind and solar developments in McLean County.


This interactive event celebrates Creating Healthy Communities by highlighting and promoting the many services and groups that promote healthy living and a healthy earth in our area. The ISLWE is McLean County’s major Zero Waste event.  With the help of Midwest Fiber, who accepts all food waste for composting, this event is planned and managed to avoid any generation of waste that cannot be recycled, reused, or composted!  In 2012, with approximately 4,000 attendees, only 20 pounds of waste was landfilled.

One-stop drop-off MEGA Recycling is available from 9am – 12pm in the north parking lot at the Shirk Center near the IWU football field. Please visit the MEGA Recycling portion of the ISLWE website for details on what you can drop-off!

Mega Recycling

At this year’s Illinois Sustainable Living & Wellness Expo he Ecology Action Center with partners Home Sweet Home Ministries, Midwest Fiber, the Lions Club and Bloomington-Normal Terracycle will once again offer one-stop drop off for recycling the morning of the Expo. Recycling will be available from 9-noon.

Accepted Items


  • Computer towers
  • All computer parts except for CRT Monitors
  • Printers, scanners, fax machines
  • DVD players/VCR
  • Video Game consoles
  • Radios, Stereos, MP3, cell phones
  • Cameras
  • LCD type monitors and LCD  type TVs
  • Microwaves
  • Loose cords

Textiles – wearable or not


Hearing Aids


Christmas lights

Corrugated plastic yard signs (such as campaign signs)


  • Writing Instruments (Pen, Markers, Highlighters, Sharpies and all lids.  Also Mechanical Pencils)
  • Drink Pouches (like CapriSun, any brand pouch – no juice boxes)
  • Oral Care (Toothpaste Tubes & Packaging, Toothbrushes & Packaging, Dental Floss Containers)
  • Tape Dispensers (the dispensers and ring)
  • Tom’s of Maine (any Tom’s of Maine packaging – Toothpaste tubes, Deodorant (plastic, not aerosol), Mouth Wash Bottles, ap)
  • Energy Bar and Granola Bar Wrappers
  • E-Waste – NO Large Items – only Cell Phones, eReaders, printer cartridges
  • GoGo squeeze – (Applesauce pouches with spout -any brand)
  • Personal care and beauty items – all personal care/makeup packaging, including plastic deodorant items (NO hairspray or deodorant cans, no nail polish bottles)
  • Cereal bags – all plastic cereal bags
  • Solo Cups – only #6 rigid plastic cups
  • Diaper packaging
  • Lunch kits – packaging from “lunchable” type products – excluding cardboard
  • Cleaner packaging – pumps, triggers, pouches and flexible cleaner product packaging
  • Brita products – pitchers, bottles, filters/packaging
  • Wine Corks – natural corks, wine screw caps, synthetic corks, foil wine cork wrappers
  • Cigarette waste – extinguished cigarettes, filters, all packaging
  • Entenmann’s Little Bites Pouches – one Entenmann’s muffin plastic pouches
  • Glad Food Storage – any brand plastic wrap, Press’n Seal wrap, food storage containers and lids, food storage bags
  • Performance Nutrition products – GU brand packaging
  • Pet food – only TruFood and Open Farm Pet food packaging
  • Snack Bags – any size chip/snack bags

Paper for shredding – Midwest Fiber’s Confidential Paper Shredding truck will be on hand for your convenience.

Items NOT accepted


  • No CRT TVs or Monitors
  • No Household electronics such as lamps,  vacuums…
  • No Kitchen appliances small or large
  • No Dehumidifiers
  • No Air Conditioners

No Household Hazardous materials – including paint, stains, chemicals of any kind

No batteries or lightbulbs

No plastic garden pots

This list is subject to change before the event. Please call the EAC with any questions – 309-454-3169 ext 12.

Volunteers Needed

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Illinois Wesleyan University Campus Converts to Single-Stream Recycling

Sept. 16, 2013                       

BLOOMINGTON, Ill.— From small neighborhoods to college campuses, communities across the country have instituted the environmental trend of single-stream recycling. This fall, Illinois Wesleyan also began to address this issue. Due to Illinois Wesleyan’s commitment to sustainability, a myriad of groups and individuals recently worked together to carry out the conversion to single-stream recycling on campus.

Illinois Wesleyan’s shift to this method has the simplified recycling process for students, faculty and staff because all recyclable materials can be placed in a single bin, labeled “Single-Stream Container.” Director of Government and Community Relations and Co-Convener of GREENetwork Carl Teichman said recycling bins are placed next to trashcans, making the choice of what to do with your garbage simple. Proponents of single-stream recycling believe that it virtually eliminates the anxiety and annoyance of spending extra time at the recycling bin.

Acceptable materials include plastics (items numbered 1-5, 7, cut-up plastic ring carriers, plastic cups and containers, such as milk jugs and juice boxes), glass bottles and jars, aluminum cans and foil, steel cans and paper products (newspapers, paperboard, cardboard, gift wrap, books, computer paper).

While the single-stream recycling process is simple for users, the materials undergo many processes once they arrive at a facility. Collection trucks pick up recyclables, where they are brought to a plant specifically designed for separating commingled materials. The processes include a sorting area, where non-recyclables are removed, as well as multiple disc screens, which are large, rotating machines that separate large and small materials. Each specific recyclable is sorted into an area with similar matter, where they are eventually compressed and tied together.

“Recycling on our campus started back in the early ‘90s,” said Teichman. Prior to this fall, Illinois Wesleyan has participated in dual-stream recycling, which requires all materials to be sorted before collection. Teichman said the implementation of the new program took place as a result of an alumna’s studies.

The campus’ plan to execute the conversion was based on an Environmental Studies senior seminar report prepared by Megan George, Class of 2013. In her study, “Exploring Strategies for Converting Illinois Wesleyan University from Dual-Stream to Single-Stream Recycling,” George addressed how an effective enactment of a single-stream recycling program could lead to more recycling throughout campus and focused on recycling programs as a way to reduce waste. She determined that “there are a variety of strategies that can be implemented to increase the rate at which the IWU community recycles.”

Teichman also emphasized the importance of the collaboration with custodial staff and IWU’s Physical Plant to institute the project.

David Shiers, manager of custodial services at the Physical Plant, explained the impact the program has had within his department. He said the biggest difference is the use of one roll-off container. Prior to the implementation of single-stream, the labor crew would separate recyclables between two roll-offs before sending them off. Shiers said all materials could now be put into one roll-off, making the job of the labor crew easier and more efficient.

Illinois Wesleyan’s GREENetwork also played a large part in the process. While no one was opposed to instituting the change, Teichman said, “We were essentially the group that helped get it done.” Originally created in 2000 to reduce Illinois Wesleyan’s environmental footprint, the GREENetwork, formerly the Green Task Force, aims to advance ecological sustainability, the preservation of earth and its resources. With the institution of single-stream recycling, the GREENetwork hopes to increase the ecological consciousness of the campus community.

Teichman said people are “excited about the fact that we’re finally doing this, I think there’s a sense of that happening on campus right now. Sustainability is part of IWU’s Mission Statement and I think its one way of demonstrating to the community and to our student body, faculty and staff that we’re committed.”

Contact: Tia Patsavas ‘16 (309) 556-3181, [email protected]

America Recycles Day 2018 Update

Due to changes in certain recycling systems in Illinois, some of our historically successful recycling programs that have taken part in America Recycles Day are no longer practical to implement in the same way. These changes have imposed local limitations that will affect our ability to continue these events moving forward. As a result, we have come to the unfortunate decision to discontinue fall America Recycles Day and spring MEGA Recycling events. We sincerely thank our recycling partners for their assistance over the years and their ongoing dedication to providing these services to our community.

Please be on the lookout in November as we continue to highlight our community partners who provide these recycling services. Remember that items previously collected at these events may be dropped off year round at the appropriate locations. If you have questions regarding recycling options in McLean County, please visit or download the RecycleCoach app. For additional questions, you may contact the Ecology Action Center at 309-454-3169. Please note that this does not include Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection events which will continue under the McLean County HHW Fund. Our next anticipated HHW event will likely be in Fall 2019. For more information check out


The Ecology Action Center needs YOU; volunteers are crucial to the success of many of our efforts.

Special Events
  • Illinois Sustainable Living and Wellness Expo
  • America Recycles Day MEGA Recycling Event
  • Household Hazardous Waste Collection
  • Plastic Garden Pot Recycling Program
Clean Water Protection Outreach
  • Storm Drain Stenciling
Research and writing projects
Landscaping and Gardening
Website, brochure, and newsletter content development
Internships are also offered on a regular basis

Please note that volunteer opportunities may be intermittent and irregular.  We may not be able to place volunteers immediately but rather potential volunteers may be contacted as needs arise.  Volunteers at the EAC are responsible for their own parking (bicycling or using public transportation is preferable); paid parking is available nearby in the Heartland Parking Deck.  EAC visitors may NOT use the Normal Public Library parking lot.

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Illinois Sustainable Living & Wellness Expo

cropped-ISLWE-web-banner15.1The Ecology Action Center and the Illinois Wesleyan University Wellness Program believe in a future where we can inspire and assist residents of McLean County in creating, strengthening, and preserving a healthy environment and living healthy lifestyles. That is why we are pleased to announce this year’s theme for the Illinois Sustainable Living and Wellness Expo (ISLWE): Sustainable Science and Industry.

ISLWE is a public outreach event designed to create healthy communities by embracing services that promote health and wellness, advancing ideas for sustainability, and inspiring tomorrow’s scientists toward environmental responsibility. This year’s theme of sustainable science and industry unites two sectors of our community in order to provide the public with opportunities to explore topics relevant to their daily lives and the critical issues of our time, especially relating to environmental stewardship. Working together, we can provide higher-impact, higher-value experiences that encourage innovation and curiosity in our community.

Exhibitor and Sponsorship applications are now being accepted for this event, which will take place on Saturday, April 9th, 2016 at the Illinois Wesleyan University Shirk Center from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. More information can be found at our event website:

For further information, or to find out how you can participate, please contact Sara McCubbins at [email protected]

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America Recycles Day

One Day, One Time, One Place ‐ recycle many things at once!

  •  Electronics (TVs, computers, VCRs, phones, small kitchen appliances, etc.)
  •  Household Batteries (alkaline, watch batteries, rechargeables)
  •  Clothing and textiles (usable or not)
  •  Shoes (usable or not)
  •  Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs)
  •  Plastic Garden Pots
  •  Terracycle items
  •  And as an added bonus ‐ FREE confidental paper shredding

Residential Wastes ONLY—no business wastes accepted
Saturday, Nov 17 8 a.m.— 1 p.m.
Illinois Wesleyan Hansen Center Parking Lot
300 East Beecher Street, Bloomington


America Recycles Day MEGA Recycling 2012 is sponsored by:






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