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Winterizing Rain Barrels

Winterizing Your Rain Barrel

In order to ensure that frozen water does not harm your rain barrel make sure to turn the spigot on and let all the remaining water flow! Once the water is gone it’s important to reconnect your downspout to look as it did before you added your rain barrel. Find what your diverter looks like below and follow the instructions!


White Y diverter

If your barrel is installed with a “Y” diverter, all you need to do is slide the lever from one side to the other to switch from summer to winter configuration – this will divert water away from your rain barrel and back down your downspout.


top view of a Flex-it diverter attached into a cream downspout


With the FlexiFit diverter, remove the screws above and below the point of attachment, squeeze and wiggle the flexible insert to remove it from the downspout, then use the two screws to attach the flat cap to the downspout.


White accordion downspout extender


If you’ve removed the original downspout and attached different sections in order to route water to the barrel, remove the new sections and replace the original one. To accomplish this, you’ll probably need to remove and replace a few screws.


Your rain barrel can then be stored in a shed, in place, or wherever else is convenient. It is made to withstand the seasons, and doesn’t need to be indoors. If you do leave it outside, be sure to place some weight on top to ensure it you doesn’t fall over. a cinderblock atop of a rain barrel
If you have any trouble with this process, find that a component needs to be replaced, or want to change your setup and need a different diverter, don’t hesitate to call us at 309-454-3169!

For visual instructions watch the video below!