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For small- to medium-sized businesses, high energy bills may can severely impair profits, so spending time to research ways to make your business energy-efficient may save precious dollars.

Energy Analyses

Brian Kumer of Thermal Imaging Services from Peoria, Illinois is a certified energy rater. He offers energy audit services, including blower door tests, thermal imaging diagnostics, and energy improvement tips and repairs.
Phone: 309-693-0617 (work) or 309-251-1719 (cell);

EverGreen Home Energy Consultants, Inc perform home energy evaluations using diagnostic equipment such as a thermal imaging camera and a blower door using that latest in building science techniques. Recommendations from the evaluations have the mutual benefit of lowering the demand for energy of the home through energy efficiency measures, lowering utility bills, identifying safety concerns regarding indoor air quality, and solving comfort issues such as cold rooms or floors. Their consultants are certified professionals from the Building Performance Institute in Buidling Analyst and Building Professional. They are also credentialed by the UG Green Building Council as LEED Green Associate. The consultants also help homeowners who may be able to save money on select energy efficient projects through Ameren’s ActOnEnergy program and Illinois Home Performance.
Phone: 309-253-2242
Web Site:

Energy-Consulting Services

Smart Energy Services is a utility rate consulting firm serving a broad base of Midwest utility company customers.
Phone: 309-724-8262;

Energistics: After years of helping family and friends find ways to save money on energy costs, Andy and Angie Scott decided they could have a greater impact if they offered their knowledge and expertise to the larger community. Today, they offer home energy evaluations and solutions to homeowners throughout Central Illinois, helping consumers save money on energy bills as well as make their homes healthier, more comfortable places to live. They have a great passion for Energistics and the homeowners they serve and are excited at the positive response they have been receiving from consumers.Call Andy and Angie today to start saving money tomorrow!
Phone: 309-261-6454

Association of Professional Energy Consultants

The Association of Professional Energy Consultants (APEC) is an Illinois-headquartered, not-for-profit, professional corporation dedicated to the education and technology transfer within the energy and environmental marketplace. For more information about the Central Illinois chapter contact:

Julie Elzanati
Coordinator of the Green Institute
Heartland Community College
1500 W. Raab Road, WDC Suite 2400
Normal, IL 61761
(309) 268-8166

Building Operator Certification Program

Building Operator Certification (BOC) is a growing national certification for facilities operations and maintenance staff. BOC offers improved job skills in facility efficiency and provides organizations more comfortable, efficient buildings.

Individuals certified at BOC Level I have demonstrated competence to review the major components and maintenance requirements of their facility’s electrical, HVAC, and lighting systems and to develop an energy consumption profile for the facility. Individuals certified at BOC Level II have demonstrated competency in assessing their facility’s preventive maintenance program and optimizing equipment operation for energy efficiency.

  • BOC Level I Training will be offered in Bloomington-Normal starting in October 2005.
  • BOC training includes nearly 80 hours of classroom and project work in building systems maintenance. Each course in the series of eight courses is completed in a one-day training session over a period of seven months. Tuition for the complete training series for BOC Level I is $1,150.
  • For more information or to register for the next program visit

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