Your Guide to Holiday Clean-up

The holidays shouldn’t leave you feeling trashed!

Here are collection schedule updates, plus some better options for many of the items on your post-holiday clean-up list.

Collection schedule updates for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day:
For residents enrolled the Town of Normal waste collection program
For residents enrolled in the City of Bloomington waste collection program


Other options:

Wrapping Paper can be recycled, as long as it is free of plastic, wax, shiny or metallic stuff.

Clean, dry cardboard can also be recycled! Just fold or cut to fit in your cart.

Styrofoam containers and packing materials can be dropped off at Dart Container Corporation (1505 East Main Street, Urbana, IL). Make sure materials are clean and dry.

Live-cut Christmas trees can be turned into firewood, compost, and more. Please remove all decorations & lights! For residents of Bloomington and Normal who are enrolled in those municipalities’ waste collection programs, live-cut trees are picked up curbside on the regularly scheduled waste collection day.  Other area residents can check with your waste disposal provider or drop off at Twin City Wood Recycling (1606 W Oakland Ave, Bloomington) for a fee of $1. Call John at 309-275-2854 to ensure someone will be there when you drop off.

String lights will be recycled locally for charity if you drop them off at St Luke Union Church (2101 E Washington St, Bloomington). Small or “twinkle” light bulbs can be left on the string, but please remove larger bulbs and any other decor before donating.

Food waste? Waste no more! Sign up here for our Community Composting program to turn trimmings into treasure!

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