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LRS/Henson Disposal Pollution Control Facility Siting Review 2023

On August 18, 2023 Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS) filed an application for site approval of a pollution control facility to be located at 2020 Bunn St in unincorporated McLean County. The proposed site would operate as a waste transfer station where loads of municipal solid waste and recycling would be consolidated into larger loads before being transported to permitted landfills or material recovery facilities.

A hard copy of the application is available for inspection by the public at the County Clerk’s office. Additional hard copies can be made upon payment of reproduction costs. The public is invited to provide written comments submitted to the County Clerk where they will also be available for public inspection.

The LRS Application Filed August 18, 2023 may also be viewed online.

Learn more about the Pollution Control Facility Siting Process


A public hearing will be held later this year. Check back for more information.

Public Hearing Notice – coming soon

Public Comments – coming soon

Staff Reports – coming soon